Victorian paraphernalia

There is some original Victorian equipment that though still functional is entirely redundant. The first is a simple oil lantern which at one time constituted the main lighting in the room. Ancient photographs shows it perched on a box in the centre of the ringing circle. It is now missing the wick screw but is otherwise intact.
There is also a curious linear vacuum cleaner. This is about four feet long and is of course hand operated. There are attachments and the cleaner still seems to work.
Another gadget is the original fire fighting equipment. As well as two red painted sand buckets there is a curious water pump contraption. This is a large “bucket” with cast iron feet and a hand operated wheel driving a short water pump. A rubber hose, now missing led from the pump to the operator. Records show that this equipment was “tested” in 1886 by members of the first peal band, several of whom were volunteer firemen. All of the above equipment is still functional.