The Ringing Room

The ringing room at St. Mary's Cathedral has been described as “the finest ringing room in the world” and a veritable “ringing palace”, due in all probability to its size, excellent ringing circle and furnishings. It is huge, measuring 32 ft square and 33 ft high, the floor being 71 ft above the Chancel floor. The room has washing facilities, is now fully carpeted and has seating for 50 people. The room has also been described as “barn-like” and, because the eight narrow windows rise from 15 ft above the floor as “dungeon-like”. At the time of the dedication the room had been furnished with dozens of pictures, interesting subjects and ringing paraphernalia under the superintendence and at the expense of Mr George Godfrey Cunninghame, Advocate and leader of the bell ringers. These artefacts and furnishings and additions throughout the history of St Mary’s now make the ringing room a unique museum of ringing paraphernalia.
Items to see include plaster casts of famous bells, commemorative plaques, our Society badges, our library, and our collection of handbells.