There are three notable plaques on display in the ringing room.

1.    A brass plaque on mahogany in memory of George Godfrey Cunninghame

2.    Stone embedded in the NW wall of the ringing room, surmounted by an intricate carving of bells, wheels and ropes and carrying a relief carving of the Society Badge.

John Mowat is buried in Aubigny Communal Cemertery Extension, grave reference VI.G.8
John Stannard was in the British Red Cross (B.R.C) and was not in the Military and as such there is no Commonwealth War Grave Record. He is also recorded in a war memorial in St Cuthbert’s church but Cathedral records indicate that he was a ringer of (St James’) Leith.

Their names are recorded in the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers war memorial books.


3.     Cast bronze located on the E wall.

This acknowledges the people and organisations who contributed money, time and effort to the success of the augmentation project in 2008, when two new bells were added to make a ring of 12 bells here at a total cost of £50K. The ten major benefactors are written in the centre of the plaque and the borders record all of the other 50 Contributors. The plaque is cast in bell-metal and sits beneath the two peal boards recording peals to mark the beginning and end of the project.