The library in two glass fronted cabinets on the W wall of the room houses various technical & biographical books on bell ringing. The main content of the library is the complete annually bound set of “The Ringing World”, the weekly journal of the ringing “exercise” from its inception in 1911. There are 100? volumes to date (2011), certain Second World War editions being bound together. All bell ringing was stopped for three years during WWII and publication of the journal was sporadic.
The second largest section of the library is the annually bound set of “The Bell News & Ringers Record” the predecessor of “The Ringing World” and published from 1890 to 1911. This is all but complete, the volume for 1886 being missing. It is thought that this was at some time borrowed in order to research the first peal on the bells, not returned and is now lost in antiquity. Certainly it was missing in 1969 when the last major inventory was carried out.

As a source of record and research, the library is unrivalled in Scottish bell towers.