Ellacomb and Seage

The mechanisms for the Ellacomb Chiming apparatus and the Seage Dumb Practice apparatus were disconnected and partly taken down some time in the 1960’s. The only remaining trace of the Ellacomb equipment is the bare playing console on the N wall and the guide pulleys above near the ceiling. All hammers & levers have been removed from the tower. The redundant Seage handbells and strikers remained on the ringing room wall and were finally taken down in the 2000’s for safekeeping when the ringing room was full of scaffolding needed for extensive tower works. Rather than store or dispose of the Seage bells, one of our ringers designed and built a little tabletop chime. It was not possible to utilise the original strikers so a mechanism similar to that on a piano was used. The instrument is played by a “conventional” hand clavier. Some original Seage strikers have been retained for display, but all other equipment has been removed from the tower.